Auto Transport Carriers

Auto transport carriers are the general ones used by the car shipping companies to transport the car. Have you ever tried to determine the size of the carriers? The size actually varies depending upon the company’s requirements. Some of the car carriers are in large sizes and some are of medium sizes. However their use is more or less the same.

Every car transport company attempts to purchase a car carrier during their start up. The reason is they serve various purposes at a time. This enables a reduction in the expenses of the company in the maintenance of car carrier as well as in providing services to the customers. On the other hand, the customers are also highly benefited with this provision available in the auto transport companies. Also, the companies do not charge extra amount for making use of this facility. Therefore, it acts as an added advantage in the customer’s side.

Auto transport car carriers come in different types such as car roof carriers and car luggage carriers. There are still several types but these are the common services provided by the auto transport companies. The car carriers are much larger in sizes that it can accommodate several thousands of cars at the same time. Hence, this seems to be an advantage for those people who order for bulk transport.

Both, the auto transport companies as well as the customers receive various benefits in availing these car carriers for the transport. The safety level is also ensured by the transport companies and most of the companies employ well experienced drivers to carry the cars. They also tackle different situations efficiently during the transport and this result in a successful transport. Hence, make use of the best opportunity that is before you and you will surely be impressed on the results.

An angry cry: I’d choose car shipping carriers over auto transport brokers!

This has been an ongoing debate on what to choose for clients when it comes to car shipping companies. Although both parties on the brokers and carriers sides don’t necessarily pry on themselves as long as business is kept alive. What I’d go for are carriers. They are the backbone of the service and I am a big fan of hard work.

This is a subjective and yet important appeal on the car transport industry. These are my points on choosing carriers first before going to brokers.

Equipment necessities

Brokers don’t have the equipment and they are dependent on car shipping carriers and haulers for the service. Brokers are focused on deals and client hunting, much like a marketing department of some companies. They are primarily tasked on closing contracts and services.

Brokers will continue to say yes on every item on your requirement as this is their main goal. What happens after this? They try to find a transport vehicle suited for your vehicle type. So what about the equipment? They are based on marketing and not on service so you won’t have anything to say on their provided carriers.

If you go directly to the carriers, you will find their capability and not the marketed and commercialized entities. Equipment is the best investment in this business and not talk.


Rates go higher with the use of brokers. They provide intervention on the deals. If they do not exist, Auto transport providers will earn more and invest soundly on equipment while auto transport rates will go down.


The only service that they offer are booking and seeking; nothing more and nothing less. Basing on auto transportation review sites, you’ll find that they are indeed on the low side of the business when it comes to responds. A satisfied and happy client may not bother to write a review. The angry and grueling clients will take revenge on damaged goods and late deliveries insanely. This is how it goes.


Generally, car shipping brokers on the auto shipping are more flexible as they will find a way to cater for their clients. This is a good aspect of their game; however, they are still dependent on the availability of car carriers and vehicle haulers.


I am not saying that having brokers is such a bad thing, but integrity on their part would help. I am not satisfied with the broker’s ways of business. Even more enraged when I read of scams and frauds around these providers.