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International Car Shipping Services

International Car Shipping Services

There are a number of things that need to be taken into account when shipping a vehicle internationally and its important not to leave out a single detail. Using a professional international auto transport company ensures that every “t” will be crossed and every “I” will be dotted.

Here at Car Shipping Advice, we offer a premium lineup of international car shipping services. We are able to handle all necessary paperwork and customs documentation to make sure that your international car shipping experience goes as smoothly as possible. Choosing a less professional company for your international shipment could be a huge mistake! You may save a couple of bucks by making such a move, but you’ll be sacrificing a tremendous amount in quality of our international car transport service.

At Car Shipping Advice, we offer two types of international auto shipping methods. The first, and most popular, is known as the Ro-Ro Boat system. This is simply a freight ship with a large capacity and easy loading capabilities. The process involves your vehicle being rolled onto the ship and secured using a four-point strapping system. When the freight carrier arrives at the final destination, your vehicle is unstrapped and rolled right back off of the ship. One important thing to keep in mind when using the Ro-Ro method is that you cannot load your vehicle with personal items.

However, when using enclosed freight containers, you are able to load your vehicle with all the personal belongings that you can fit. This option is equally as safe as Ro-Ro shipping but usually costs a bit more. However, some feel a higher sense of security knowing that there vehicle is fully enclosed and not surrounded by any other vehicles.

Car Shipping Advice also offers comprehensive international vehicle shipping insurance to ensure your vehicle is covered throughout the entire transport. We are also able to provide your vehicle with the necessary transportation services needed to get it from your house to the docks.

To find out how we compare with our competitors, simply fill out the form at the top of the page and compare price quotes from the leading service providers in the international vehicle transport industry instantly!

No matter who you choose for your international car shipping services, be sure to do the research and make sure all of your bases are covered. Making the wrong decision when you’re choosing an auto transport provider can lead to and endless amount of hassles and headaches.