Auto Transport Carriers

Auto transport carriers are the general ones used by the car shipping companies to transport the car. Have you ever tried to determine the size of the carriers? The size actually varies depending upon the company’s requirements. Some of the car carriers are in large sizes and some are of medium sizes. However their use is more or less the same.

Every car transport company attempts to purchase a car carrier during their start up. The reason is they serve various purposes at a time. This enables a reduction in the expenses of the company in the maintenance of car carrier as well as in providing services to the customers. On the other hand, the customers are also highly benefited with this provision available in the auto transport companies. Also, the companies do not charge extra amount for making use of this facility. Therefore, it acts as an added advantage in the customer’s side.

Auto transport car carriers come in different types such as car roof carriers and car luggage carriers. There are still several types but these are the common services provided by the auto transport companies. The car carriers are much larger in sizes that it can accommodate several thousands of cars at the same time. Hence, this seems to be an advantage for those people who order for bulk transport.

Both, the auto transport companies as well as the customers receive various benefits in availing these car carriers for the transport. The safety level is also ensured by the transport companies and most of the companies employ well experienced drivers to carry the cars. They also tackle different situations efficiently during the transport and this result in a successful transport. Hence, make use of the best opportunity that is before you and you will surely be impressed on the results.

Car Shipping Reviews – Auto Transport Reviews


If you need to ship cars or trucks, then you’ll need to choose the right car shipping company. Here are issues to consider when reading car shipping companies reviews:

1. History

Besides comparing factors such as the best car shipping instant quote a company can offer, you should also review the history of a particular car-shipping company. When was the company established? What (if any) innovation has it introduced during its history? Learning about the basics of a company’s history will help to determine if you should choose it.

2. Rates

This is definitely one of the most important issues to consider when selecting a car shipping company or reading car shipping reviews. Companies have different types of packages, so you’ll want to learn about the different ones available. The rate is particularly important if you’ve on a shoestring budget. However, while the rates of car-shipping companies are important, you should consider other factors besides a car shipping free quote.

3. Packages

When comparing different car shipping companies; look for ones that offer complete packages. Ideally they should cover the costs of fuel, tolls, taxes, and so on. There shouldn’t be any hidden charges that you might have to deal with later when you get your bill.

4. Feedback

You will have to point this out when evaluating different car shipping companies; you should consider the general feedback that customers have given. It’s unlikely that 100% of a company’s customers would give it positive feedback. But you should certainly be wary when a company has received several complaints.

5. Service

The quality of a company’s service will greatly be based on its rates. But that’s not to say that you’ll get what you pay for. Instead, it’s crucial to look for value in a company. Look for companies that provide relatively low rates for top-notch service. Low rates aren’t worthwhile if you have to deal with awful customer service.

Auto Transport Online Quote – Get Cheap Car Shipping Quotes, Rates & Prices

The constant expansion of the internet has made the world into a ‘buyer’s market’ where competitors are willing to do almost anything within their power to stay in business. This includes slashing car shipping prices, offering discounts, or even providing additional services at no cost.

However, in order for these car shipping companies to cut cost and still remain afloat, they will often cut corners or cut the quality of service they provide. So when looking through a list of price quotes coming from some of the “top competitors” in the industry, be sure that you’re not simply being lured in by a company that offers not only a cheap car shipping and cheap auto transport price, but also a cheap service.

Also, when looking to get a price quote online, you must be careful and remember to read between the lines. Some websites may offer a free quote in big bold print and then manage to sneak in a variety of obligations and stipulations in print so small that it is hardly visible to the naked eye. On the other hand, top companies provide free instant online quotes with absolutely no obligation at all. The quotes provided by top companies only come from our trusted network of affiliate partners.

These quotes allow you to enter in your exact location of pick-up and drop-off in order to get an accurate car shipping rates for your vehicle shipment.

REAL Express Auto Transport Reviews

Company information

Express auto transport is based in Cincinnati, OH. They have been around since 1996; they have developed into a national mode of car shipping. They have continued to grow from humble beginnings on local transports to having expertise in international relocations and hauling affairs. The growth was done in a surge of the 13 years that they have been in the business.

Company claims

Express auto transport claim of high integrity and working relationships with its clients as part of their goals. They assert attention to their timeline of schedules and keep clients happily satisfied.

Rating and reviews

Express Auto transport maintained a good 4 / 5 rating mostly from dedicated car shipping reviews sites. Express Auto transport reviews are also available on with a lower 2.5 / 5. Epinions reviews generally have a lower rating as compared to Auto transport review sites.

Pricing and rates

Their quotation form is made standard and easy to fill up. Car shipping prices are given competitively. They have been involved in lowered pricing quotations adjustment putting them in a high integrity business class. I guess capitalism is not an issue within this company. Rest assured that pricing will be made fair form these carriers.


Services pretty much covers it all, they offer services to motorcycle, boat, RV and the usual car transport. They have connections internationally and are highly capable of doing such. Mostly comments in their services have been outstanding. Although the reviews represent a small part of their clients, this is still a main source of sampling for ones market.

Official website

The website is made generally gray with good graphics on the main banner. A good way of advertisement is always family, one of the banners transition is a photo made to move horizontally, a family sits inside their car happily smiling and tag lined SAFETY. This is major.

Car Shipping By Trailers – Auto Transport By Trailer

Transporting a car by trailer is one of the most popular ways to transport a car. Car trailer haulers come in various sizes to meet your needs. There are trucks trailers that can haul many cars or trailers that can haul one to two cars with a small truck. There are many different options when transporting a car by trailer either by a company trailer or by you pulling a trailer.

If you choose to transport a car using a company that transports cars on a trailer with many other cars there are some things to be aware of. Auto transport companies tend to have two types of trailers to haul cars pending on the consumers’ wishes and concerns. The most used type of car hauler is called an open car transport truck. Using these types of trucks can be lesser in cost because more cars can be hauled on this type of truck. These trucks trailers are open and the cars are exposed to the elements which may or may not cause damage to the car. A decision a car owner must be aware of in making a decision.

The other type of truck trailer to haul cars used by companies is called an enclosed car transport. This is simply just a truck trailer that has sides and a top allowing the automobile to be protected from the elements. Using this type trailer you have the security of your cars protection, yet because so few cars can be delivered at one time can causes a significant increase in the cost to transport.

Lastly to transport a car an individual has the option of transporting a car by them using a trailer. Car trailers can be rented for one or two cars using your own truck to pull a trailer. Depending on the trailer cost, gas and your tow vehicle these prices will allow you to determine whether or not it is more economical to do it yourself or have a company do it for you.

Direct Auto Transport Companies- Car Shipping Direct

There are many ways of shipping your vehicle from one location to another, but the most hassle free of these methods is definitely direct auto transport. This method involves your vehicle being picked up from its current location and being delivered directly to the location of your desire.

Direct auto transport is incredibly convenient for the customer because it allows for them to have their car shipped directly to the front door of their home. You can arrange a delivery time with your direct auto transport company which will allow you to be prepared for your vehicle’s arrival. Most car shipping companies will also have their driver contact you on the day of your vehicle delivery to confirm the time of your vehicle’s drop-off.

When using direct auto transport, it is necessary that you or someone that you have designated be there to meet the transport carrier upon the delivery of your vehicle. There is paperwork that will need to be filled out and signed in order to document the successful completion of your direct auto transport.

There are certain conditions, however, that can cause changes in your direct auto transport. For instance, if you live in an area with roads that might be hazardous for the transport truck, then you might have to meet your transport driver at a nearby location in order to receive your vehicle. Most auto transport trucks used for direct auto transport sit low to the ground and are not fully capable of taking sharp turns. Also, trees that are low-hanging can present a problem for delivery trucks because the branches can scratch and damage any vehicles on the upper level of the transport truck. It is usually at the driver’s discretion to move the drop-off of your vehicle to another location if necessary. They will, however, make sure that the new location is as convenient and easy for you to get to as possible.

The time of transport will vary when using direct auto transport due to the fact that different companies have different policies as well as capabilities. Before making your final decision on which company to use for your direct auto transport services, be sure that they’re going to be able to fully satisfy those needs before you ask for their car shipping rates.

Open VS. Enclosed Auto Transport

Moving your home from one destination to the other has a lot of difficulties. One of the most bothering issues is how to transport your vehicle from one area to the next relocation with safety and at a reasonable price. You do not need to worry because you can solve these problems by looking for the best car shipping company to transport your vehicle. Most of the people prefer shipping company because the expenses of driving your car are raising everyday. It is always better to choose auto transport services because they are cheaper compared to driving your car by yourself because gas and fuel expenses are increasing everyday.

The most important thing you should put in to consideration is the cost to transport your vehicle. You should consider your budget before you choose the mode of transport you will use. Car shipping companies have a lot of competition. Many companies offer various options and include open transport and enclosed auto transport. While shipping your vehicle you can choose either of the two modes. Any company offering open transport offers their prices to their customers per vehicle and the route by which your car will be shipped to.

Enclosed transportation, the driver charges you per vehicle and the miles your vehicle is going to be shipped. Enclosed transport is more expensive compared to open transport. Enclosed transport has its advantages, one of them is that your car is carried in a closed truck and it will be prevented from damages that would be caused by climatic change, road debris and theft although it is very minimal. Your car will get to where you want to relocate safely and with minimal damages if there is.

Open auto transport is cheap auto transport and affordable to many people who are in need of relocating and they do not have much money. It is cheaper because your car will be carried alongside with other vehicles and this will make the price cheaper compared to enclosed transportation where your car is carried alone.

Giving Your Information To Car Shipping Companies

There are many online car shipping quote services that you can find through search engines such as Google and Yahoo. However, you want to be careful of which companies you are giving your information to. There’s not much to worry about when it comes to your information getting into the wrong hands, but the amount of hands it gets into can be a whole different story.

Many companies out there who are offering quotes are not actual auto transport companies. Rather, they are companies who will take you information and distribute it to car shipping companies who are offering the services which you need. This comes with both ups and downs, just like with pretty much anything else in life.

The down side to giving your information to a lead generator is that you’re going to be receiving phone calls and emails from prospective companies, which can be somewhat bothersome.

However, that down side also plays a part in the up side of the deal. Because your information is going to multiple auto transport carriers, and because they know this, they are going to offer you the best deal that they possibly can in order to remain competitive. This allows for you to truly take your time shopping around in order to ensure that you find the right car shipping fit for your needs.

Car Shipping Services Industry In The US

These days, with people relying more and more on their personal favorite cars for traveling and wishing their favorite huge things to be with them wherever they go, car shipping industry in US is gaining popularity with each passing day. Countless people, moving from one point to another in US desire to have their car with them no matter where they go, just making car transport industry in the US popular with people.

Why should anyone desire to get their car transported when he or she can drive it all by himself or herself? Well, this is a costly affair when compared to getting it transported through a car shipping agency. To the owner, his or her car is no less dear than a member of his family is and sometimes perhaps dearer than himself. A single scratch on the vehicle is sure to hurt the feelings of the one owning the beautiful, lovely thing. This, we have taken to our heart. That is why we consider your car as precious as you hold it and take the utmost care in moving your car to the place of your choice.

Our very experienced and dedicated drivers take all the required measures and see to it that you see your precious thing as safe and unharmed as you would wish to find it. Now, we would like to ascertain you that our services and car shipping quotes will bring the utmost satisfaction to you. Tomorrow we are certain that you will say the same golden words about us to your friend or a relative whom you would be referring to us. Why not, when we can say confidently that we have served to the greatest satisfaction of our customers in the past and we would continue serving in the same manner in the days to come. Countless customers saw to it that their cars are moved to the place of their choice unharmed and as safe as they were left with us. They trust us. Confide in our services and you will start trusting us with your car always.

Car Shipping Methods

Car shipping of your vehicle from one location to another can be done in many different ways. Deciding which method will be best for your auto transport greatly depends on where you’re shipping your vehicle to. For instance, if you’re shipping your vehicle from one state to the next, the delivery method used will be different than the method used for shipping overseas from country to country.

Most domestic auto transports services are provided by car shipping companies and carrier trucks which operate through a network of nationwide terminals to provide timely and efficient services. If this is the method which you are using, there are two ways from which you can choose to have your vehicle transported.

The first way is by open-air trailer. These are trailers that can safely and securely fit multiple vehicles but have no protection from external elements such as rain, hail, or dirt. For that reason, open-air auto transport is often less expensive than the method of enclosed auto transport.

Enclosed auto transport allows for your vehicle to be loaded onto a trailer that provides protection from external factors. Basically, it is a large shipping crate that is secured to the back of a semi-truck for auto transport purposes. Although this method is slightly more expensive, it ensures that your vehicle will show up in the same condition that it departed in. This saves you from having to worry about poor weather conditions or debris kicked up from passing vehicles damaging your car.

Now if you’re looking to move somewhere half way around the world that simply can’t be reached by roadways alone, then the shipping method is going to be a bit different. In that case, there are two ways which are primarily used to get a vehicle to such distant reaches of the world.

The first method is known as the RoRo boat, which is a cargo ship that allows for the vehicle to be rolled on and strapped down, and then unstrapped and rolled off when it reaches its destination. This is the least expensive of the two overseas shipping methods only due to the fact that it is not as secluded of a transport space as is the other method.

The other method of shipping involves enclosed cargo crates. These typically come in lengths of 20-40 feet and can fit up to two vehicles inside. One of the added bonuses of using this method is that you are allowed to ship objects inside of your vehicle. Whereas most forms of shipment require that your vehicle be completely emptied, this method allows for you to jam your car full of stuff and save just a little more room in your suitcases.

So no matter where you’re going, getting your vehicle there can be as easy as you make it. Just check around online to find out what services are available to best suit your needs, as well which company would be best to provide those services.