REAL Express Auto Transport Reviews

Company information

Express auto transport is based in Cincinnati, OH. They have been around since 1996; they have developed into a national mode of car shipping. They have continued to grow from humble beginnings on local transports to having expertise in international relocations and hauling affairs. The growth was done in a surge of the 13 years that they have been in the business.

Company claims

Express auto transport claim of high integrity and working relationships with its clients as part of their goals. They assert attention to their timeline of schedules and keep clients happily satisfied.

Rating and reviews

Express Auto transport maintained a good 4 / 5 rating mostly from dedicated car shipping reviews sites. Express Auto transport reviews are also available on with a lower 2.5 / 5. Epinions reviews generally have a lower rating as compared to Auto transport review sites.

Pricing and rates

Their quotation form is made standard and easy to fill up. Car shipping prices are given competitively. They have been involved in lowered pricing quotations adjustment putting them in a high integrity business class. I guess capitalism is not an issue within this company. Rest assured that pricing will be made fair form these carriers.


Services pretty much covers it all, they offer services to motorcycle, boat, RV and the usual car transport. They have connections internationally and are highly capable of doing such. Mostly comments in their services have been outstanding. Although the reviews represent a small part of their clients, this is still a main source of sampling for ones market.

Official website

The website is made generally gray with good graphics on the main banner. A good way of advertisement is always family, one of the banners transition is a photo made to move horizontally, a family sits inside their car happily smiling and tag lined SAFETY. This is major.

An angry cry: I’d choose car shipping carriers over auto transport brokers!

This has been an ongoing debate on what to choose for clients when it comes to car shipping companies. Although both parties on the brokers and carriers sides don’t necessarily pry on themselves as long as business is kept alive. What I’d go for are carriers. They are the backbone of the service and I am a big fan of hard work.

This is a subjective and yet important appeal on the car transport industry. These are my points on choosing carriers first before going to brokers.

Equipment necessities

Brokers don’t have the equipment and they are dependent on car shipping carriers and haulers for the service. Brokers are focused on deals and client hunting, much like a marketing department of some companies. They are primarily tasked on closing contracts and services.

Brokers will continue to say yes on every item on your requirement as this is their main goal. What happens after this? They try to find a transport vehicle suited for your vehicle type. So what about the equipment? They are based on marketing and not on service so you won’t have anything to say on their provided carriers.

If you go directly to the carriers, you will find their capability and not the marketed and commercialized entities. Equipment is the best investment in this business and not talk.


Rates go higher with the use of brokers. They provide intervention on the deals. If they do not exist, Auto transport providers will earn more and invest soundly on equipment while auto transport rates will go down.


The only service that they offer are booking and seeking; nothing more and nothing less. Basing on auto transportation review sites, you’ll find that they are indeed on the low side of the business when it comes to responds. A satisfied and happy client may not bother to write a review. The angry and grueling clients will take revenge on damaged goods and late deliveries insanely. This is how it goes.


Generally, car shipping brokers on the auto shipping are more flexible as they will find a way to cater for their clients. This is a good aspect of their game; however, they are still dependent on the availability of car carriers and vehicle haulers.


I am not saying that having brokers is such a bad thing, but integrity on their part would help. I am not satisfied with the broker’s ways of business. Even more enraged when I read of scams and frauds around these providers.

Differences Between An Auto Transport Broker And Auto Transport Carriers

When choosing to ship your car through car shipping companies there are two methods open to you that you might not be aware of. You can choose to ship with an auto transport broker or directly through a shipping company. Brokers are often the more cost effective choose because they can pull from a huge number of auto shipping companies to find the one that best fits your price and unique situation. When dealing directly with a shipping company you often have to be squeezed into a time and place of their choose because they already have set schedules. This can make things difficult for you because they may not be what is easiest for you, instead it is what is easiest for them. Also, brokers are already very familiar with the auto transport industry which means they know what to look for when deciding upon a company. A good auto transport broker knows to only use shipping companies that pass safety, federal and state standards.

Giving Your Information To Car Shipping Companies

There are many online car shipping quote services that you can find through search engines such as Google and Yahoo. However, you want to be careful of which companies you are giving your information to. There’s not much to worry about when it comes to your information getting into the wrong hands, but the amount of hands it gets into can be a whole different story.

Many companies out there who are offering quotes are not actual auto transport companies. Rather, they are companies who will take you information and distribute it to car shipping companies who are offering the services which you need. This comes with both ups and downs, just like with pretty much anything else in life.

The down side to giving your information to a lead generator is that you’re going to be receiving phone calls and emails from prospective companies, which can be somewhat bothersome.

However, that down side also plays a part in the up side of the deal. Because your information is going to multiple auto transport carriers, and because they know this, they are going to offer you the best deal that they possibly can in order to remain competitive. This allows for you to truly take your time shopping around in order to ensure that you find the right car shipping fit for your needs.