Car Shipping Rates

What Determines My Car Shipping Rates?

Your car shipping rates are determined by many different factors. Car shipping rates are not just some random number that comes from your car shipping companies, although if you are uneducated about car shipping it sure might feel like they are. Hopefully you are using a reputable auto shipping company and they will give you fair auto shipping rates.

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The biggest factor that determines your car shipping rates is the total distance covered in your auto shipping job. The longer that your auto carrier will have to drive, the longer they will have to pay a driver, the more gas they will use thus driving the price up of your car shipping rates.

While many people don’t realize this, the make and model of your vehicle has something to do with auto shipping rates. Think about it – if you are shipping an exotic or antique car, more care has to go into your particular car moving job. If you own one of these cars you are going to freak out if your baby gets a scratch in it. So for these jobs, much more care is used and more time as well. This will make your car shipping rate more expensive.

The weight of your vehicle will also change your vehicle shipping rates. As a general rule, the heavier the car the more expensive your vehicle shipping rates will be.

Then there are many other little factors which will alter your car shipping rates such as auto carrier insurance. Always ask your car shipping company to explain all of the charges of your job before paying their car shipping rates.