Able Auto Transport Reviews And Information

Auto Transport Company Focus: Able Auto Transport

Company information

Able auto transport was established in 1986 as a broker for the car shipping industry. They are catering for the deliveries all around US. They are based in Atco , NJ. Mostly, they offer a comprehensive gateway to auto shipping resources on the country.

Company claims

They have 23 years of experience that prove longevity in the business of shipping cars. They cover the 50 states in land. They cater to your needs in an “effortless” manner that will surely be a treat! Best to their claim is the no pay policy before a transport provider assigns you a carrier. Able auto transport claims to have a “seamless   shipping experience” with their services.

Rating and reviews

They have an average of 3 out of 5 for their reviews. Being a broker, it should be noted that they do not have firsthand experience in the transportation and as such, transporting vehicles is sourced out to car carrier companies.  These sourced out companies will deal with the work and they are not direct employees of able auto transport. However, being a primary user interface, they are still held accountable.

This is another company with zero and five rating spread all over them; much like a digital 1 and 0 thing with only two types of reviews. This maybe a result of different carriers provided for their pool of clients. The complaints range is focused on contract disengagement costing them a far lag in integrity. These issues need to be assessed with the carriers.

Pricing and rates

Car shipping rates range varies for different carriers and as the reviews suggest, they have complicated ways of charging. This company has been repeatedly subjected by clients for not honoring quotations and contract pricing.


They have an approval rating for their carriers thus making it easy for you. It works like a review for providers on their contacts and they are prescreened to provide the best business possible.

Official website

Able auto transport has one of the most clean and elegant sites on the auto transportation business. They have it with a white background and great graphics. The site is updated with the latest trend focused on marketing and having the edge in user interface. All in all, the site is an engaging portfolio.