What To Know About Engaging In Overseas Car Shipping

Some of us have found ourselves relocating to overseas location at one time or the other. Unlike moving to short distances where you can just drive the car to the new home, overseas car shipping comes with its own challenges.

For one, you cannot opt for a do-it-yourself when shipping cars overseas. Secondly, there are all sorts of legal and custom hurdles to hop through due to cross boarder shipment. Thirdly, you will have to go through so many custom regulations and pay a myriad of taxes and other charges before you can safely get the car to your new abode. These kinds of challenges make it ideal for one to contract a car shipping company with enough experience in overseas auto transport.

In looking for the best car transport company, you should be aware of the various forms of car transportation services that exist for overseas car shipping. This will help you decide in advance which option you want. It will also be easier for you to filter auto shippers by the basis of which vehicle transport services they don’t have and also on the issue of how much car shipping quote they are charging. The following are the major types of vehicle shipping services in overseas car transport.

RORO - Roll On Roll Off

RORO - Roll On Roll Off

First, we have the RORO car shipping. RORO is a short form for roll-on and roll-off and implies driving your car to the ship’s deck, getting into your cabin, and then driving your vehicle off once you reach the destination. You can expect to pay a little less when calculating the cost to ship your vehicle with this option.

Secondly, we have the enclosed container shipping mode. Similar to enclosed auto transport, this option carries your car in an enclosed compartment where it is protected from the elements of open car shipping.

Finally, we have expedited container vehicle transport. This mode is for high-value vehicles like classic and exotic models. Even though the car shipping quote is much higher, each car is shipped in its own exclusive container.

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